FREE Device: Neutralize Pain & Get Your Life Back

What if I told you that you could naturally stop pain at the root cause (for free), using a natural healing science that helps your body speed heal…

And it’s as easy as applying a ‘tingling’ probe to the pain area – would you try it?

Using a compact, hand-held device, you can target strong pain using TWO potent natural therapies.

You can use it as a hand-held TENS unit,

Or for electro-acupressure.

What is T.E.N.S.?

T.E.N.S stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This is where pain sufferers apply an electrical probe directly to the pain area for fast relief.

What is Electro-acupressure?

Electro Acupressure is a non-invasive alternative to the ‘gold standard’ of acu-therapies: Electro-Acupuncture.

Acupressure uses pressure (usually finger pressure) – instead of needles. Acupressure pre-dates acupuncture by thousands of years… well before needles had been invented.


TENS units are ideal for treating the following symptoms:


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TENS Kills Pain By Producing A Neuron Blockade In Certain Parts Of The Brain And Spinal Cord

To understand how TENS works, you first need to understand the mechanisms of pain…

People feel pain when specific nerves called “nociceptors” detect tissue damage and transmit an electrical signal along the spinal cord to the brain.

The brain and nervous system are entirely based on the ability to transmit electric pulses.

In fact, every cell in your body is a mini battery pumping out 70-90 millivolts.

Chronic pain sufferers experience a build-up of electrical signals in the central nervous system that overstimulates certain nerve fibers – which is interpreted by the brain as pain.

This effect is known as “pain wind-up”. With this term comparing the build-up of electrical signals to a windup toy. Winding a toy with more intensity leads to the toy running faster for longer.

Numerous studies published in the US National Library of Medicine have proven that TENS machines disrupt the electrical signal from the spinal cord to the brain – neutralizing the “wind-up” and sensation of pain.   


An amazing fact: electrical stimulation triggers the body to release GABA!

What’s GABA you ask?

GABA stands for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for communicating between the nervous system and the brain. The body uses GABA to calm things down when emotions or physical symptoms become too intense.

A study published in the National Library of Medicine reveals that low voltage therapy to affected pain areas triggers the release of a neurotransmitter blocker; GABA (which reduces the sensitivity to pain).    


Trigger The Body’s Naturally Occurring Pain Killing Chemicals

Like Electro-acupuncture, TENS also causes the brain to release feel-good chemicals… such as serotonin and endorphins, which also neutralize the sensation of pain.

A study published in US National Library of Medicine reported;

“TENS increases the concentration of beta-endorphins (a natural painkiller) in the bloodstream and cerebrospinal fluid, and methionine-enkephalin (another natural pain killer) in the cerebrospinal fluid, in human subjects…

Both high frequency and low frequency TENS has been shown to provide analgesia (pain relief) specifically when applied at a strong, non-painful intensity. And maybe more effective for people taking opioids (strong painkillers).”   


The Advantages Of A Portable TENS Unit Compared To A Traditional TENS Unit

Traditional TENS units have become more compact over the years… but they still can be cumbersome to use.

The settings can be complicated… the wires often become tangled, and the sticky electrode pads lose their adhesiveness which constantly needs replacing.

The EPA Pen on the other hand; is a light, compact, easy-to-use TENS unit that can be used when needed… anytime, anywhere.

Increase or decrease the device’s intensity-level by pressing the + or – buttons. Then apply a light, massaged pressure to the pain area.


TENS Clinical Research

A study published in the US National Library of Medicine measured the feasibility of treating pain with TENS units instead of opioids – in the emergency room.

A chart review of patients receiving TENS units revealed that TENS was useful in relieving pain.

When surveyed, 83% of patients reported a functional improvement while using the TENS, and 100% of patients would recommend a TENS unit to a family or friend.

When surveyed, 100% of emergency department staff observed that TENS units were effective in treating pain for patients, and 97% would want to use them if they themselves were patients.


What You Get (For FREE!)

EPA stands for Electro Pulse Acupressure… but this device is also designed to be used as a hand-held TENS unit.

For pain sufferers who aren’t familiar with acupressure, this tool is equally effective as a TENS unit… by applying treatment directly to the pain area.

The (cordless) EPA/TENS Pen has 9 levels of intensity… It is recommended to begin at level 1 and adjust the intensity as needed.

Natural Synergy EPA/TENS Pen


Comes with:

Two Probes –

  • Flat dome head: For use as a TENS unit
  • Ball point head: Ideal for electro-acupressure

Contact Gel – which makes the pain area more conductive

User Manual – please read before use

Specification –
Type: Electro-Acupuncture Pen/Compact TENS unit
Color: Silver
Battery: 1 * AA battery (not included)
Output: 3.7V;300mA+/-50mA
Pulse Frequency: 0.01-300Hz
Pulse Width: 100us-320us
Load Voltage: 3.3V


Pain Is A Drain On Your Time & Energy

Time is precious. And chronic pain is robbing you of time.

Time that could have been spent with your kids or grandkids…

Spending time enjoying your retirement…

Or simply socializing with friends.

Time is a commodity that can be spent or saved…

But never earned back.

The EPA pen allows you to spend your time better…

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Let me ask you a question: how many events have you missed out on because of your chronic pain?

Maye it’s time to try something different.

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Taking back control of your life… living on your own terms.

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