The Magic Pill

A Pill That's Hard To Swallow For Some


In the 1920’s a new diet for people with epilepsy was changing lives.

After more research was done, this miracle diet was successfully treating a number of serious illnesses – and the side-effect was rapid weight loss. 

But because it threatens a number of multi-billion dollar industries… this life changing diet has been unfairly demonized.

Check out this interesting documentary that reveals a 50 year old dietary lie.

It sounds like a conspiracy theory doesn’t it? But powerful corporations lie to the public for profit all the time. 

For example:  

For 50 years, the tobacco industry paid scientists to ‘prove’ that smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer… millions of people died of lung cancer before the public was properly informed.

For over 50 years, the oil industry paid scientists to ‘prove’ lead-based gasoline was safe… but it turned out it was killing 100’s of thousands of people as well as rapidly destroying the environment. 

And for over 50 years we have been lied to about our diet… causing an avalanche of new modern day diseases that plague society. 

We are lied to about healthy eating. This is because there is more than one Industry that makes hundreds of billions of dollars from our eating choices.

When there is so much at stake, these corporations will do ANYTHING to mislead you so they can keep the river of profit flowing.

These eating choices that we think are healthy, are causing a long list of modern day illnesses – which means the pharmaceutical industry is also in on the lie (in a big way).

The biggest supporters of this ‘controversial diet’ are everyday people who suffer from chronic diseases. These people are reversing their diseases, and losing weight as they do it.

This documentary “The Magic Pill” lifts the lid on all the lies we have been fed about healthy eating.

So, with an open mind, check out this interesting documentary (above) that follows different people with different modern day diseases – who are healed by this ‘controversial diet’.

I highly recommend watching it as its filled with scientific proof on how it works, as well as explaining the reasoning why we have been lied-to all this time. 

But, if you’re short on time or if you’d like to learn more – check out a recent blog post of mine that summarizes everything along with resources to try out this healing diet for yourself.

==>Click here learn more about this incredible live saving diet.

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