Cymatics Is The Study Of Sound & Its Effects On Nature

This three-part documentary explains cymatic frequencies and how everything owes its existence solely and completely to sound – and how this science can be used for natural health.

Presented by Dr Peter Manners (PhD Oxford & Heidelberg University) – the concept that sound frequencies are the building blocks of everything in existence can be difficult to grasp, but by watching this three-part film, you will begin to understand the power of this incredible phenomenon.

Keep reading to discover part two of the documentary to understand how this science is capable of healing your body.

Sound is the factor that holds everything together, sound is the basis of form and shape, “in the beginning was the word, and the word was God” – We were told that this is how the world began and how creation took shape.

If we put that into the modern idiom, and can say that into the great void of space came a sound – and matter took shape.

Since 1961 Dr Manners has been applying his knowledge of sound for the effects of healing.

His clinic in Worcestershire England specializes in the use of cymatic therapy – the direct application of sound on the body for healing.

Cymatic therapy is not something new. Native Americans have used sound and vibration to heal the sick as well as ancient civilizations such as Greece, Egypt, India, China, Mexico and Brazil…. There are many references to music being used for therapeutic reasons.

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The term Cymatics comes from the Greek word ‘Cyma’ meaning ‘pressure’ or ‘waves’.

This natural therapy is not something you listen to, but something that your body absorbs.

Every part of the body produces its own sonic signature – heart, lung, bone, nerves, brain… this sound is inaudible to the ear but can be measured with modern equipment.

We are now able to artificially recreate this sound and then transfer the frequency back into a diseased organ to replace any abnormalities that have manifested.

Cymatic therapy is scientifically approved and medically accepted all over the world as an effective tool to fight pain and disease.

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