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While it is traditionally believed that ALL of the pyramids of Egypt were used for the final resting place of Pharaohs; more and more academics are beginning to challenge this idea... claiming that some pyramids were used for sound healing.

The first and most obvious reason that some of the great pyramids were not used for burial sites is that they are not decorated with hieroglyphics – which was an important feature for all Egyptian tombs.

Secondly, because tomb raiders were a constant worry – burial sites were traditionally hidden in the valley of the kings so that the mummy would rest in peace undisturbed. Not buried in the most recognizable buildings in the world.

For these reasons, keep an open mind that some of the great pyramids were used for something else.

Dr Abd’el Hakim Awyan is a native Egyptian archaeologist elder who has been endowed with knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation – and he believes that some of the pyramids were used for sound healing.


Dr Abd’el believes that quartz-granite slabs found in some chambers were not meant as a sarcophagus but were meant for people to lie in as they absorbed the healing power of the particular frequency that the chamber resonated.

Sound chambers like the ones found in the red pyramid are designed exactly like modern day acoustic chambers that sound therapists use today.

When you take into account that modern day medicine uses sound frequencies like ultrasound for healing, and the ancient Egyptians used sound for healing over 3000 years ago…

And on an atomic level: everything in existence is made up of different sound frequencies, It becomes more and more obvious that sound therapy can be a wonderful, natural, therapeutic tool.

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